Types of Starseeds — which one are you?

“Starseeds” refer to the type of star system you and your ancestors may have originally came from, pinpointing back to a specific star-system in another area of the universe. There is a theory that specific alien tribes exist, and that your soul could have been a part of one (or more) of these, before choosingContinue reading “Types of Starseeds — which one are you?”

Twin flame 🔥

Do we all have more than one soulmate… Yes! A “soulmate” is a person who we feel connected to beyond logical explanation. There is a familiar feeling when you meet them. Soulmates are our best friends, our family, even perhaps our worst enemies! They are people you have strong ties to. If you believe inContinue reading “Twin flame 🔥”

Day 11: something you always think “what if” about

I always wondered what life would be like if we lived in a tribe or like a hippie commune or something. If we all still lived in little huts or log cabins. If we all lived closer to nature and focused more on the internal rather than the external. If we were more concerned withContinue reading “Day 11: something you always think “what if” about”