Photoshoot ~ I believe in the fairytale

Songs for Yule (Winter Solstice)

Happy Yule! “Yule” also known as “winter solstice” marks the beginning of not only the first day of winter, but the first day of the year. Yule can be celebrated from the 21st of December through January 1st (in the northern hemisphere.) Midsummer marks the point of equal lightness and darkness, right before the darknessContinue reading “Songs for Yule (Winter Solstice)”

Winter Playlist

Happy winter solstice! The first day of winter marks the darkest day of the year. From here on, light will continue to increase. We just experienced autumn, which is the process of dying and letting go. Winter marks the point when everything has completely died; we are at the very start of a new beginning.Continue reading “Winter Playlist”

Winter Retreat at Woodloch

This week, I went on vacation with my sister to the Woodloch Pines resort in PA. It was a lot of fun and also very relaxing. I have been here on many family vacations during my childhood, also came once with my friend Mary, then another time with a group of friends for my sweetContinue reading “Winter Retreat at Woodloch”

Holiday stress

There is so much holiday stress all around. So much road rage when I’m driving. Just an overall negative energy. It’s stressful because nature tells us to slow down this time of year and we don’t. The days are shorter and colder. We are called to spend this time doing some deep reflection on howContinue reading “Holiday stress”