Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 12 – the finale)

There was a letter at my door. It was addressed from Olivia. I hadn’t heard from her in quite some time, so I eagerly shredded the envelope open, unsure of what to expect. “Dear, Valerie. This town is small, so I don’t know if you’ve heard the news yet. I’m hoping you haven’t, as IContinue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 12 – the finale)”

Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 11)

I was still in my early twenties. I felt so young, yet according to the society I was living in, I was nearly considered an old maid. Heck, my childhood best friend, Annabella, had already been married, given birth to four babies over the years, her eldest daughter now eleven-years old, and then separated —Continue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 11)”

Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 10)

Taking Control I had to meet the dark lord again. I stood in the kitchen at midnight, small candles lighting the room, while clenching a tall, white candle with my right fist. I held the candle high and chanted the spell, “dark entity, come to me. You cannot hide in the night, as I castContinue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 10)”

Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 9)

Heka After spending a day walking through main town, searching for a job, I stumbled upon a bakery. The smell of fresh bread, creamy milk, and sweet sugar swirled through my nose. Immediately, I had a good feeling in my stomach — or maybe that was just hunger.  Eying the “help wanted” sign, I askedContinue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 9)”

Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 8)

Confrontation At the strike of midnight, I lit a tall, white candle. Standing in the kitchen, I braced myself to meet this dark entity. The kitchen is the safest place to confront evil spirits because the culinary herbs and spices provide great protection.  The rest of the kitchen was dimly lit with small candles. InContinue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 8)”

Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 7)

The curse Feeling hopeless about the world, I tried to distract myself on a long hike with Arthur. I told him that I didn’t want to talk about my aunt, or my future, or anything at all. Instead, I let him ramble on about absolute nonsense while I dazed off at nature.  Halfway down theContinue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 7)”

Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 6)

A Fork in the Road… I returned to my cottage home one evening after a day with the coven, just like any other day. Aunt Lilac wasn’t in the kitchen cooking dinner like normal. But I didn’t think much of it — she often stays out late for work. I walked into my bedroom andContinue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 6)”

Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 5)

Becoming a Witch “Olivia, is that you?” I gasped, “what are you doing here?” “Excuse me?” She walked over, “what are you doing here?” Olivia was much taller than me, towering above me like a giant. She had tan skin, while mine was white as snow; she had chocolate-brown eyes, while mine were forest-green. HerContinue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 5)”

Kitchen Witch Tips | Herbs & Spices Cheat Sheet

A Kitchen Witch is simply one who cooks and cleans with mindfulness and intention. If you have not already, please check out this post I wrote about incorporating magic into your daily routine, making your life a little bit more witchy! In those post, I will go slightly more in depth over how to specificallyContinue reading “Kitchen Witch Tips | Herbs & Spices Cheat Sheet”

How to make your daily life a little more witchy

I am not referring to the aesthetic, but the actual mindset and practice — of making your daily life a little more witchy. What this means is, making a habit out of purpose and intent. The act of witchcraft is not as otherworldly or supernatural as we make it out to be — it’s actuallyContinue reading “How to make your daily life a little more witchy”