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Yoga Pose of the Week: Dog Wagging Its Tail

The New Year is a great opportunity to begin a new series. I actually have several new series in mind. This one is called "yoga pose of the week." I love yoga and it's one of my favorite ways to stay active. I'm trying to exercise much more this year, and yoga is a fun… Continue reading Yoga Pose of the Week: Dog Wagging Its Tail

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Flow Friday ~ Why I wear head coverings

As of April, I have made the decision to cover my head. I've been using headbands and headscarves. I want to explain my reasoning for this -- both spiritual and practical. Disclaimer: let me mention that this is a personal choice. In no way am I saying that this is right, or forcing this choice… Continue reading Flow Friday ~ Why I wear head coverings


Mythology Monday ~ Kali

One of my favorite dieties is the Hindu goddess Kali. Misunderstood goddess The ancient Hindu goddess Kali represents death, darkness, and total chaos. Incredibly complex, she is the most misunderstood of all goddesses -- it is said that fully understanding Kali is equivalent to transcending fear. Themes of Kali include creation and destruction; violence and… Continue reading Mythology Monday ~ Kali