30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 12

Day 12: Diet I follow a vegetarian diet, meaning I avoid eating any type of meat or fish. My overall reasoning is that is simply does not appeal to me. The only meat I was ever drawn to as a child was things like chicken nuggets, fish sticks, pepperoni, and bacon. I was never one toContinue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 12”

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 10

Day 10: Favorite holiday Not to sound narcissistic, but honestly my favorite holiday is my birthday! I think birth-days in general are so special because it is the day we entered the world! I love the fact that everyone has different birthdays, and every single day someone is celebrating their birthday. I like how there isContinue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 10”

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 9

Day 9: Favorite color Color is an amazing thing. It makes life so much more vibrant. The fact that humans can only see a sliver of the spectrum is incredible. When I was a little girl, I was absolutely obsessed with the color pink. It is so soft, so happy, so cute, and so girly. AndContinue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 9”

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 8

Day 8: favorite animal Cats are my favorite animal. Their wild cousin lions are also wondrous creatures. My life would have been a lot emptier if it weren’t for the pets I grew up with — Fascia, Buttermilk, Penelope. Cats make such lovely company and their independent nature makes it easy to have them around. SomeContinue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 8”

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 7

Day 7: favorite film & TV My favorite type of film or TV to watch is “dramedy,” AKA drama/comedy mix. I like watching something that can make me laugh, but also keeps me interested and excited. I would say that my favorite show is Friends. I’ve seen every episode and I could watch them over and overContinue reading “30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 7”