30-day challenges

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 10

Day 10: Favorite holiday

Not to sound narcissistic, but honestly my favorite holiday is my birthday! I think birth-days in general are so special because it is the day we entered the world! I love the fact that everyone has different birthdays, and every single day someone is celebrating their birthday. I like how there is much less pressure around the holiday compared to Christmas or Thanksgiving, which can be stressful. It’s your own choice to make a big thing out of it or keep it casual. It’s a magical and unique holiday.

Aside from birthday, another favorite holiday of mine has always been Halloween. (It may partially have to do with the fact that it is two weeks prior to my birthday…) I love the mystery and the spookiness! I also love all the pumpkins! Picking an alter-ego to dress up as was always appealing to me and I’m sad that I haven’t actually done that in years! Maybe next year…

Christmas may be my third favorite. Everyone likes receiving gifts. It’s the giving of gifts and all the planning around it which makes it stressful at times. That’s why it’s not my #1. My favorite part about it is all the lights and decorations. I am also touched by the fact that it takes place around the darkest day of the year, and it is a spiritual reminder to keep the light alive in times of darkness.

And of course, Pi day. Who doesn’t like eating pie…?


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