30-day challenges

Day 23: your support system

My boyfriend is my number one support system and he is always there to pick up the pieces. He is always building my confidence and giving me reasons to smile and laugh. He is so easy to vent to, I can speak my mind without a filter. He will do favors for me like pump my gas while I wait in the car or run errands while I stay in bed. He’s always there to back me up when I’m falling behind.

My best friends are there to show me that they care about me and will stick with me through thick and thin. They know all my flaws and they still accept me. We’ve gone through things together that made us stronger. Most importantly, they know how to have fun! They lighten my heavy load of burdens. They are beautiful inside and out, friendly and accepting of others, open-minded — constantly fueling me with inspiration.

My family is always there for support whether it be mentally or emotionally or materially. My parents have always had faith me, and always offer assistance even though they trust I can handle things on my own. My sister has always been protective of me, always looking out for danger and keeping me out of trouble, always having my back no matter what. She truly wants the best for me, which is a wonderful feeling. My brother has also been protective of me although he shows it in a different way. He taught me how to defend myself and fight back when people are pushing me over; and he was always there to crack a joke and lighten the mood whenever I was going through a heavy, emotional time. I could go on about the rest of my extended family — aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. — basically, their unconditional love has picked me up during so many hard times!

My kitty, Venus — she seriously deserves the name “Venus” because she offers so much love. Everyone who meets her falls in love! It’s crazy to think about how strong a bond can be between a human and a cat. I have a feeling that I need her more than she needs me! (Although, she gets a serious attitude when I’m not giving her enough attention!)


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