NATURAL BEAUTY HAUL: ultimate self-care supplies!

I recently went on an all-natural beauty haul! It is so important that we remember to take care of ourselves. Our bodies are temples: life-breathing, miraculous vehicles that deserve our full attention and care. It’s true that 99% of beauty products on the market are full of toxic chemicals, carcinogens, organ-disrupters, and lots of other junk. I believe that less is more — you don’t need ten different creams for ten different body parts and you don’t need to spend a fortune on things that are useless. The body is naturally self-cleansing, however, with all of the pollutants in our environment and every-day stressors we face, it is vital both physically and psychologically that you give your body some natural lovin’.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a plant with amazing healing properties. It is ideal for burns — has a nice cooling sensation. The brand I purchased is called “nature sense” and it contains environmentally-friendly preservatives that gives it a shelf-life of two years. It is also cruelty-free and no fragrances or artificial dyes.

Goat Milk Lotion

This is (obviously) not vegan, it contains goat milk which makes your skin feel super silky and moisturized. It has nutrients for your skin such as vitamin A, vitamin B3, potassium, and zinc. Also, no fragrance. This is perfect for sensitive skin like mine.

Thayers Facial Mist: Rose Petal

This is a skin toner derived from Native American formula. It contains witch hazel and aloe vera. Just a spritz or two on the face will leave you glowing. Very refreshing.

All-Purpose Egg Shampoo

This is a strange one, but egg shampoo is an ancient beauty secret. Actually not too strange, if you have ever looked up DIY hair-masks, “egg” is usually an ingredient. It also doubles as a body-wash. I have not tried it yet, but it supposedly washes skin and hair without drying it out like most soaps/shampoos. The company is “Mario Badescu” and the exact ingredients list is: deionized water, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride, egg.

Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

A great way to exfoliate your skin is through use of salt scrubs or sugar scrubs. It has a rough texture, yet leaves skin feeling super smooth. Although the body naturally sheds dead skin cells, exfoliation speeds up and encourages the process, making your skin much smoother than normal.

Indian Healing Clay (Face Mask)

Add a bit of water and/or apple cider vinegar to this magical clay, and you have yourself a face mask! This is literally just one ingredient itself, nothing more. It helps remove toxins and impurities from skin.

Aloe Beautiful Foundation

Mineral makeup is a type of makeup that consists of inorganic minerals of the earth. While mainstream makeup is no good for the skin, mineral makeup actually helps to heal your skin every time you wear it. I like to wear a light-coverage foundation and tend to switch around brands — haven’t tried this yet but looks promising.

Tallow Soap

Another ancient beauty secret, tallow (beef fat) is supposed to be extremely beneficial for your skin. (This is NOT vegan!) The soap I purchased is literally just tallow — no additives. A little nervous because my cat keeps sniffing it… please don’t eat it…

Body Brush

A body brush exfoliates the skin and also improves blood circulation. It is necessary to motion brush away from the heart. Best time to use it is right before a shower so you can wash away your dead skin cells (yuck).

Which natural products do you recommend? How do you care for your body?


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