Mom ❤️💕

This Thanksgiving was especially difficult for me because of my Mom’s regressing health. It was an incredibly exhausting weekend both physically and emotionally. I haven’t talked much about it out of respect for her, and for my family’s, privacy. But with many aware by now, it feels like the appropriate time to discuss it, andContinue reading “Mom ❤️💕”

Top 10 Controversial Lana Del Rey songs

Lana Del Rey has been scorned by the critics over the years as controversial. She has been accused of glamorizing pain and romanticizing abuse. They say she feminizes herself too much, while applauding the strong male archetype that our society has now labeled as “toxic masculinity.” Critics claim she is not progressive enough, steering awayContinue reading “Top 10 Controversial Lana Del Rey songs”

Flow Friday ~ Acharanga Sutra 4.32

I have always been solitary; I belong to none else; I behold no one whom I can say I belong to nor do I behold one whom I can designate as mine. The path of worldliness is nothing but disaster. Who, whose, and where are one’s kith and kin? Who, whose, and where are strangers,Continue reading “Flow Friday ~ Acharanga Sutra 4.32”

Growing, changing, & healing

I have many things to explain and apologize for. I can’t take 100% of the blame, because I have also suffered greatly and also dealt with a lot of unclear communication. But I will take most of the blame and I am regretful over times I’ve been so cruel. I have never acted out ofContinue reading “Growing, changing, & healing”

Wish Wednesday ~ What you want vs. what you think you want

Most of the things we “want” in life are actually expectations placed upon us by others. You may truly believe you want something without realizing that you are actually trying to please others or make your ego look better. It takes a lot of self-examination, as well as confidence in your own desires, to knowContinue reading “Wish Wednesday ~ What you want vs. what you think you want”

Try-it Tuesday ~ Mead (Honey Wine) Recipe

Mead is an alcohol made from fermented honey and water. Its nickname is “honey wine” because it has many similarities to wine, such as similar alcohol content, however is distinct from wine itself. Mead is possibly the oldest type of alcohol known to man, even older than beer and wine, with evidence of its useContinue reading “Try-it Tuesday ~ Mead (Honey Wine) Recipe”

Birthday girl 🎁🥳🎉

Today is my birthday! My friends Laura Sofia and Connie visited last night and it was so fun! Yesterday morning I took my kitten Luna to the vet, sadly had to wait in the car the whole time, but she did well. Got her first round of shots and will be getting spayed soon. She’sContinue reading “Birthday girl 🎁🥳🎉”

Lotus Laura on Instagram

Lotus Laura is now on instagram! Please follow me and leave your username in the comments so I can follow back! I am looking forward to sharing my blogging journey through photos. This will be like a “behind the scenes” where I document the writing process and give some glimpses of future posts!

Liebster Award #2

Thank you Ceridwen Silverhart at Illuminating the Fool’s Mirror for nominating me for the Liebster Award! This is my second nomination! I am so honored! Please check out this lovely blogger and show her some love! She is a gifted writer who composes mind-expanding pieces regarding myth & the media. We share a common endearmentContinue reading “Liebster Award #2”