Mom ❤️💕

This Thanksgiving was especially difficult for me because of my Mom's regressing health. It was an incredibly exhausting weekend both physically and emotionally. I haven't talked much about it out of respect for her, and for my family's, privacy. But with many aware by now, it feels like the appropriate time to discuss it, and… Continue reading Mom ❤️💕


Top 10 Controversial Lana Del Rey songs

Lana Del Rey has been scorned by the critics over the years as controversial. She has been accused of glamorizing pain and romanticizing abuse. They say she feminizes herself too much, while applauding the strong male archetype that our society has now labeled as "toxic masculinity." Critics claim she is not progressive enough, steering away… Continue reading Top 10 Controversial Lana Del Rey songs


Wish Wednesday ~ What you want vs. what you think you want

Most of the things we "want" in life are actually expectations placed upon us by others. You may truly believe you want something without realizing that you are actually trying to please others or make your ego look better. It takes a lot of self-examination, as well as confidence in your own desires, to know… Continue reading Wish Wednesday ~ What you want vs. what you think you want

DIY / Recipes

Try-it Tuesday ~ Mead (Honey Wine) Recipe

Mead is an alcohol made from fermented honey and water. Its nickname is "honey wine" because it has many similarities to wine, such as similar alcohol content, however is distinct from wine itself. Mead is possibly the oldest type of alcohol known to man, even older than beer and wine, with evidence of its use… Continue reading Try-it Tuesday ~ Mead (Honey Wine) Recipe