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Mask mandate lifted! ✅

The CDC announced last Friday that the mask is no longer required in most cases. Today at work, it was officially declared that we no longer have to wear masks (we are all required to be vaccinated.) I’m very excited and honestly quite emotional! My job has always required some mask use, as I work… Continue reading Mask mandate lifted! ✅

natural health

Herbalism | Dandelion (Lion’s Tooth)

Dandelion, which is also known as "lion's tooth" (scientific name: Taraxacum officinale) comes with numerous health benefits! It has also been associated with many magical folktales. Photo by Czapp u00c1rpu00e1d on Health benefits Dandelions are plentiful and tend to be considered invasive weeds with no purpose. However, dandelions have numerous health benefits that most… Continue reading Herbalism | Dandelion (Lion’s Tooth)


Album review: “Motordrome” by MØ

"Motordrome" is MØ's third album, which was just released in late January 2022. The 10-track record is empowering, uplifting, and fierce. MØ continues to blow us away with her bold voice and philosophical lyrics, supported by talented production and aesthetically pleasing music videos. MØ has moved on from her Forever Neverland era from 2018. Embracing… Continue reading Album review: “Motordrome” by MØ