Album review: “Motordrome” by MØ

Motordrome” is ‘s third album, which was just released in late January 2022. The 10-track record is empowering, uplifting, and fierce. MØ continues to blow us away with her bold voice and philosophical lyrics, supported by talented production and aesthetically pleasing music videos.

MØ has moved on from her Forever Neverland era from 2018. Embracing a new look, she has traded her blonde, pixie cut, for grown out, dark red hair. Her new style shifts away from the sunny, springtime theme in turn for a metallic, starry night.

Kindness” is the opening track about shifting one’s focus from a negative mindset to positive. It is the appreciation for someone who shows grace and charity in a world full of darkness.

“You and I, we were meant to be, it’s algorithm, baby.”

“Live to Survive” is extremely powerful — like the modern-day “I Will Survive” or “Survivor.” Listening to this, I can feel myself getting over the pain of the past, growing from the suffering instead of letting it weigh me down. Life is full of disappointments and accidents — instead of dwelling on the inevitable, be proud of yourself for making it through!

“I live to survive another heartbreak, I live to survive another mistake.”

“Wheelspin” is about driving in endless circles and trying to make your way back to someone.

“My truck is on fire, I let that s*** burn.”

One of my favorites is “Cool to Cry” — the title really says it all. We are conditioned to believe that crying, or expressing your emotions at all, is wrong. Suppressing uncomfortable feelings is dangerous and crying is the best release.

“You hold it in and I don’t know why, you keep your feelings on the inside.

I think it’s cool, I think it’s cool to cry.”

The chilling “Youth is Lost” is a dark-synth track. To me, this feels like watching time fly by so fast, but still being able to capture the feeling of being young. I also love the visual of a field of dandelions…

Kiss me here in the dandelions, you’re my one true crush.”

My absolute favorite on the album is “New Moon,” about starting afresh and moving on. It’s about getting over someone who doesn’t treat you right. You become a new person who is unrecognizable. Like many other tracks on this album, it’s another empowering one.

Used to drain me, and push me, and pull me. But I’m not that somebody that you used to bully.”

“Brad Pitt” is beautiful and adorable, almost a little silly. In the music video, we get to see MØ doing her best impression of Brad Pitt. It’s a very sweet love song.

“And if we never make it, I’m okay with it. I’m your Juliette, you’re my Brad Pitt.”

A slow ballad, “Goosebumps” is incredibly heartfelt and reminiscent.

“Come on, easy rider, lift your voice up to the sky.”

“Hip Bones” is about not having anything figured out about the future, but instead, just holding onto the present moment. This song kind of gives me an 80s vibe.

You say, “Love, where do we go from here?”

I say, “I, I don’t know, just hold me close to your hip bones”

“Punches” has a very unique sound to it. This is an introspective message about letting go of control and surrendering — rolling with the punches. You can live a bold life and embrace your personality while simultaneously accepting what the universe hands you.

“In the motordrome, on the highway, I drive my truck under a purple sky.”

What a fantastic album! Now I sit back and patiently hope for it to be released on vinyl — for now you can buy digital and listen on Youtube. I personally recommend watching the music videos!


4 thoughts on “Album review: “Motordrome” by MØ

      1. Duuuude, love her! I listened to Motordrome today while doing yoga. Punches really put me in that fresh start mood. Cool to Cry is probably my favorite 💜 I also really liked Kindness and Youth is Lost. She reminds me of a mixture of Katy Perry, Lana Del Ray and Icona Pop.

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