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The Big Clean + Formulations Outing

This weekend, I went to my parents house to help clean out a major amount of junk! My dad rented a giant dumpster for us to throw everything into.

I didn’t expect us to fill even half of it, but it ended up nearly overflowing. It’s amazing how much junk a house accumulates after thirty-something years. All of it came from the garage attic and the basement, with a few little other things around the house.

Sometimes it can be emotionally stressful to let go of old stuff, but I found that most of the stuff we got rid of was very easy to let go of. All of it was broken or unusable. I’m surprised how long we held on to these things.

The craziest part is that we could’ve kept going. There’s still plenty of junk that can be tossed, but the important part is that we got rid of the majority of it. We spent the entire Friday along with the first half of Saturday doing this. It was my dad, my brother, my sister, and me.

My cats were there too, but they were more emotional support rather than physical help.

The astrology of this is so on point. We just had a Pluto transit, which rules destruction and change, and that makes it perfect for getting rid of the old. And Saturn is back in Pisces, which hasn’t been there since 1994, and most of the stuff we got rid of was from the 90s. And Mars is in Cancer; Mars is about taking action and Cancer relates to the home, and this was us taking action towards cleaning the house.

Getting rid of old stuff is a lot of work, but it’s completely worth it, and saves you a lot more work in the future. Less clutter and more space is a great feeling. It makes room for a bigger future.

Also, I had a lot of fun on Wednesday. I did a happy hour with my coworkers. I brought Kevin too, and another girl also brought her boyfriend. I work with mainly women! Some people are missing from this group photo (who left early or couldn’t make it) but this is the formulations crew!

This was my first outing with coworkers since I became a formulations technician last September. I used to go out often with my animal care department (before Covid — 2018, 2019) and it was as always so much fun! Then, Covid ruined everything, and then I switched to a new department where I didn’t know anyone. But it’s been awesome making new friends and I’m grateful to say that I work with an amazing team of really cool people!


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