If you don’t talk to your cats about catnip, then who will…?

These days, cats are being exposed to catnip now more than ever. Even in the so-called safety of their own home, it’s on the TV — such as Netflix’s recent “Inside the Mind of a Cat.” Some are even watching their own parents do it, growing it in gardens and steeping it in their tea.Continue reading “If you don’t talk to your cats about catnip, then who will…?”

Ask a Cat Mom: “do cats ever feel embarrassed?”

Q: Do cats feel embarrassment like people do? If so, how can you tell, and what would make them feel embarrassed? A: Yes! Just like humans, cats experience a wide range of emotions, although slightly less complex — nevertheless, they certainly have their share of embarrassing moments. It’s a natural product of the conscious experience.Continue reading “Ask a Cat Mom: “do cats ever feel embarrassed?””

Ask a Cat Mom: “is my cat jealous of my new boyfriend?”

Q: “My cat has been acting very territorial lately ever since I have been bringing home my new boyfriend. She is usually very outgoing but when he comes over she will sniff his shoes and then spend the rest of the time hiding away which is unusual for her. Even worse is that she hasContinue reading “Ask a Cat Mom: “is my cat jealous of my new boyfriend?””

Ask a Cat Mom: “Why does my cat chew on wires?”

Q: “Is it normal for my cat to chew on inedible things like wires, cords, and blenders? No seriously he chewed up my Vitamix and I can’t use it anymore. What does this mean? Why does he chew on stuff that shouldn’t be enticing to a cat? Even worse, I can’t get him to stopContinue reading “Ask a Cat Mom: “Why does my cat chew on wires?””

What are your questions about cats?

Please tell me any questions you have about cats! Maybe you are thinking about adopting a cat for the first time, or you are a newbie when it comes to cat parenting… Or maybe you have had cats for many, many years, but there’s a few things that you’re unsure of or curious about… QuestionsContinue reading “What are your questions about cats?”

Games to play with your cat

Playing with your cat is so important! Just like us, cats get bored and restless, and require active stimulation. And there is no age limit — take humans for example, we still need entertainment to keep us satisfied regardless of age, it’s not something that you ever outgrow. Reasons to play with your cat: ItContinue reading “Games to play with your cat”

Ask a Cat Mom: “Should I put my cat in a cage?”

Q: “Should I put my cat in a cage, the same way that dogs go in a cage? Is there ever a need for this?” A: Cats value freedom. When you lock your cat up in a cage, it makes them stressed and anxious, as they feel very unsafe with no escape route. Cats areContinue reading “Ask a Cat Mom: “Should I put my cat in a cage?””

Visit with sister(s) & Guinea pig update

This past weekend, I went to see my sister in Brooklyn. It was an easy drive but parking was the only difficult part. I got there early to avoid traffic and waited at a book shop where I bought a new astrology book and read it with a drink in the cafe. After Julie wasContinue reading “Visit with sister(s) & Guinea pig update”

Ask a Cat Mom: “Why do cats purr?”

Anyone who has ever been around a cat is familiar with “purring” — that strange yet charming vibrational sensation. Why do cats purr? The answer may surprise you — nobody knows for sure! Despite conductive research and modern scientific understanding, a cat’s purr remains a true mystery to this day. There are many “theories” behindContinue reading “Ask a Cat Mom: “Why do cats purr?””