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Cat Personalities According To Their Fur Color

Did you know that your cat’s fur color says a lot about their personality?

Photo by Dietmar Ludmann on Unsplash

All cats have their own, unique, individual personalities. However, it is said that the color/style of their fur says a lot about them.

The reason for a lack of cat breeds can be placed on overpopulation and excessive breeding among a wide variety of cat breeds that have now been morphed into one: the housecat. There are still a majority of varying breeds (Siamese, Ragdoll, Bengal, etc.) but the vast majority of American housecats are known as American Shorthairs. And the American Shorthair breed is essentially a big lump of breeds that have all morphed together overtime. (Also see: British Shorthairs.)

This is why cats are better known for their fur coloring, rather than their breed. Tabbycats, Tuxedos, Calicos, etc. are all technically American Shorthairs. They are not breeds, but fur coloring patterns. And believe it or not, their fur says a lot about them.

Orange (or yellow) cats

Photo by Fernando Vega on Unsplash

Orange cats are known for being wild, weird, and zany. They tend to be quite rambunctious and hyper. They tend to sleep a little less, and prefer staying active and running around. They can be extremely skittish cats. Often, they will have hiding spots where they can run away to. These little ones are excitable and wear their heart on their sleeves.

Brown cats

Photo by Ekaterina Krusanova on Unsplash

Brown cats tend to be quite sociable and easygoing. But they can also become very sassy and fiery at times. They’re very likable and enjoy spending time with people and other cats. They can get super lonely when left alone. They’re also very aware of how much people love them!

Grey cats

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Grey cats can be troublemakers. They’re very soft and sweet, but they also have a sneaky and mischievous side. They really like to play and sometimes can get carried away and end up scratching and biting their human — but it’s only out of love and excitement!

Black cat

Photo by Nathan Riley on Unsplash

It will take a long time for a black cat to open up to you, but they truly value socialization and human connection, despite how shy they may be at first. Black cats are super sensitive and require some periods of solitude. But they are also super clingy, especially with their cat-mom/dad. They needs lots of cuddle time with you.

White cats

Photo by Alyona Bogomolova on Unsplash

White cats can’t get enough attention! They love being the center of the room. Rarely, are they ever shy and skittish. There is something incredibly majestic and graceful about the way they walk. These beautiful creatures are highly aware of how cute they are — and they will use this to their advantage to get more cuddles!

Tuxedo cats

Photo by jbc on Unsplash

Black-and-white cats, known as “Tuxedo cats,” have both aspects of personalities of black fur and white fur. They can be shy and sensitive, but they are also very clingy and not afraid to demand attention from you. These cats are overall very balanced and rarely have behavior problems.

Tabby cats

Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash

Tabby cats incorporate the personality of their fur color, along with an extra does of likableness. Tabbies are crowd-pleasers who often make very sweet pets. It means a lot from them to have the approval of their cat-mom/dad. They tend to have the best health and generally live the longest.


Photo by Zachariah Smith on Unsplash

Calico cats are kind and loving. There is something very rare and special about their personalities. They do not trust others easily, aside from their cat-mom/dad. They’re quite wild and really enjoy hunting, running outside, and looking out the window for birds. They can also be very chaotic as if they switch between personalities depending on their mood!

Do you have a question about cats? Please ask in the comments (or email at and I will write a post about it! Let me know if you would like to include your name (or blog) or if you prefer to remain anonymous!


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