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January: Yoga, Gigantic Gemstones, & a Ghost Tour!

Two weekends ago, I stayed over my aunt Nancy and uncle David's house, and my aunt and I went to her yoga class on Saturday morning. The night before, we had a really delicious "beyond burgers" dinner. And then the next morning, we had a tasty, quick breakfast before yoga -- homemade bread and frothy… Continue reading January: Yoga, Gigantic Gemstones, & a Ghost Tour!


Wedding in Dominican Republic! (part 1)

Congratulations to Scott and Mariel! My brother Scott just got married to Mariel, who grew up in the DR, and with her parents currently living there, wanted to have the wedding abroad. It was held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I flew over on Thursday with my dad and sister. The airport process was fairly… Continue reading Wedding in Dominican Republic! (part 1)


Kellogg Family Lineage | My Roots

What stands out the most in the Kellogg family history, is the highly successful "Spencer Kellogg & Sons Company." The story begins with Supplina Kellogg, born in 1790, in West Galway, New York. He began a linseed oil business, owning and operating a grist mill (with his neighbors, the Millers) and soon bought another mill… Continue reading Kellogg Family Lineage | My Roots

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Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic

I’m going to describe the basic meanings behind these elusive terms some people, usually from the New Age community, toss around — twin flame, soulmate, and karmic. While definitions vary slightly behind each word, because they are all simply theories, this is what I’ve mainly gathered… First, all of these concepts relate back to the… Continue reading Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic

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Beach family vacation (OG21)

Every summer -- of course the exception of last summer -- my family does a beach vacation. It's always a wonderful time with lovely, kind, and caring people. THE PRELUDE: A few weeks beforehand, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed. I called my sister having a panic attack, because my vet appointment for my cat, Venus,… Continue reading Beach family vacation (OG21)