Lutz / Shaeffer Family History

I have written a post covering my father's side of family history, now I will be discussing my mother's. My mom, Cynthia Kellogg, was born from Edgar Lutz (Gramps) and Lorene Schaeffer (Gram.) Lutz Beginning with the Lutz side -- the oldest "Lutz" I was able to track down (through was "Christopher Lutz," born… Continue reading Lutz / Shaeffer Family History


Book review: “How to Survive in Ancient Rome” by LJ Trafford

“How to Survive in Ancient Rome” is a humorous yet enlightening, and certainly gruesome at times, look into ancient history. The time period mainly covers the Roman Empire. The book is divided into chapters that cover one topic at a time — housing, clothing, diet, religion, politics, etc. It basically serves as a how-to guide… Continue reading Book review: “How to Survive in Ancient Rome” by LJ Trafford

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Book review: “Venus and Aphrodite – A Biography of Desire”

“Venus and Aphrodite - A Biography of Desire” by Bettany Hughes is a nonfiction look into the history of Venus-Aphrodite. The goddess of love, known in Greek as “Aphrodite” and in Rome, as well as more commonly in today’s western society, “Venus,” has always had an impact on humanity. But she is far more than… Continue reading Book review: “Venus and Aphrodite – A Biography of Desire”

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Women in the Ancient Greek world

There are many important and powerful goddesses in Greek mythology, a lot of them unmarried and independent such as Artemis. But the common women of Ancient Greece lived by different rules than the female figures they worshipped. The first woman: Pandora In Greek mythology, the first woman (as in human, not a deity) is… Continue reading Women in the Ancient Greek world

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“Cleopatra the Great” ~ Personal Experience + One-Hundred Facts

Cleopatra VII is iconic -- arguably the most famous and powerful woman in history! Yet there is so much misinformation about her in Hollywood and general pop culture. I am here to sort out fact from fiction, to explain why such negative propaganda against her exists, and personal experience as to why this public figure… Continue reading “Cleopatra the Great” ~ Personal Experience + One-Hundred Facts

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Wish Wednesday ~ The Fairytale (Part 1)

What is "the fairytale"? There is some type of dreamworld that exists in all of our imaginations. It is a mix of reality and fantasy that blends together perfectly. In our bones, in our DNA, we can feel a time before this one. Our great, great ancestors once lived during the time of much simpler… Continue reading Wish Wednesday ~ The Fairytale (Part 1)

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Caturday ~ The Sphynx Cat (Hairless)

The Sphynx is the most common breed of hairless cat. Completely bald, it's also known for its wrinkly skin and large ears. In some cases they may have a delicately light layer of fur. Sphynxs have kind and playful personalities. They're curious and love getting attention. Hairless cats have existed throughout history as random genetic… Continue reading Caturday ~ The Sphynx Cat (Hairless)


Mystery Monday ~ Werewolves

Werewolves are entities that can shapeshift from human to wolf. The transformation may be done at will, although it usually happens beyond one's control -- trigged by aggression or more commonly a full moon. They may also be depicted as hybrids who are half-wolf and half-human. Just like vampires, werewolves are contagious: anyone they bite… Continue reading Mystery Monday ~ Werewolves