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Caturday ~ The Sphynx Cat (Hairless)

The Sphynx is the most common breed of hairless cat. Completely bald, it’s also known for its wrinkly skin and large ears. In some cases they may have a delicately light layer of fur. Sphynxs have kind and playful personalities. They’re curious and love getting attention.

Hairless cats have existed throughout history as random genetic mutations. In the 1960s and 70s, two sets of hairless cats descended from Canadian shorthairs were paired together to form a new breed — the Sphynx. There are several other different breeds of hairless cats such as Peterbald, Bambino, Minskin, Dwelf, Donskoy, and more.


The bright side about owning a hairless cat is that you don’t need to worry about grooming or shedding. No need to invest in a cat brush or lint roller. You won’t find hair all over your home. And your cat will never have hairballs.

However, a hairless cat also means extra care tending the skin. It will be prone to sun damage, so keep it mainly indoors. It also lacks natural oils, so you’ll need to bathe it often. Also, ears should be cleaned due to a buildup of earwax from a lack of ear hair.

Your hairless cat will also be more susceptible to the cold, so assure it stays warm. Keep your home at a higher temperature. Provide it with extra bedding and even clothes if necessary.


Interestingly, the sphynx’s body temperature is four degrees warmer than the average cat.

Their sensitive skin makes them prone to rashes, fungal infections, as well as sunburn. Be sure to pay extra attention to their skin.

They are not hypoallergenic. They still produce Fel d 1 allergen gene in their saliva and skin secretions. So if you are allergic to cat hair, you will still be exposed to the gene in other ways and have a reaction.


Sphynx cats may come across as “scary” or “mean” due to their unique appearance. But don’t judge a book by its cover! Just because they lack fur, doesn’t mean they don’t want cuddles!

Sphynxs are actually quite sociable and friendly. In fact, they are quite needy cats who helplessly depend on their owners. They’re super playful, energetic, and caring. Journey of Veterinary Behavior ranked Sphynx as the most affectionate cat breed!

People seem to really love the sphynx, as they are ranked the #8 most popular cat breed in the country.



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