Vanilla Girl Aesthetic 101

The “vanilla girl aesthetic” is nothing new, but the latest term to capture a trend that has likely been around since the dawn of time. I like this specific term because it invokes the beautiful smell of vanilla — which reminds me of my mom. The trend has been criticized as racially inclusive of white women, but it is… Continue reading Vanilla Girl Aesthetic 101

DIY / Recipes

Try-it Tuesday ~ Mead (Honey Wine) Recipe

Mead is an alcohol made from fermented honey and water. Its nickname is "honey wine" because it has many similarities to wine, such as similar alcohol content, however is distinct from wine itself. Mead is possibly the oldest type of alcohol known to man, even older than beer and wine, with evidence of its use… Continue reading Try-it Tuesday ~ Mead (Honey Wine) Recipe

cats & critters

How to utilize your spirit animal

We all have a spirit animal, most of us have several of them. This species of animal may resemble parts or your personality or even physical appearance, but more importantly it is something you feel connected with on a soul level. You can pick up on it through little things... maybe a specific pattern you… Continue reading How to utilize your spirit animal