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How to utilize your spirit animal

We all have a spirit animal, most of us have several of them. This species of animal may resemble parts or your personality or even physical appearance, but more importantly it is something you feel connected with on a soul level.

You can pick up on it through little things… maybe a specific pattern you notice you’ve mainly decorated your home with… maybe memory of a childhood trip to the zoo where you spent most of the time looking at one species… or something as obvious as the pets you have…

Take the quiz to find out what your spirit animal is!

The human & animal connection…

We are animals. Many people fail to recognize this; they do not want to be associated with that label. Many see the word “animal” as a degrading term.

It’s true that we are smarter are more complex. But we are still one in the same.

“Animal” represents all of the parts of us that we feel ashamed of and out of control: all of the things we naturally fail to recognize about ourselves. Without knowing it, we put a filter over our animalistic traits.

The majority of it is subconscious. None of us are unaffected by our current society’s mindset about the relation between humans and animals. No matter how much respect you may consciously have towards animals.

When you find your spirit animal, you move beyond filters of perception and are able to see things about yourself that you keep hidden, traits you have been programmed to feel ashamed of.

Defining your spirit animals shows you things about yourself that need healing, that need to be expressed and explored, that need to be made aware of and fully understood.

When you have a better understanding of yourself, life becomes easier and more exciting: you solve your problems better, you gain more abundance, you experience more and grow more, you see how your actions affect others, overall you have more clarity.

Self-awareness is like a cup of coffee for the soul. It gives you that buzz, alertness, and everything around you is more vivid.

Knowing your animal-self

When you see yourself through an animal perception, you can clearly see things about yourself that you have been taught to hide away and feel guilty of.

When you are reminded of your spirit animal (whether it be as obvious as interacting with or as subtle as seeing a drawing,) it sends signals to your subconscious mind to be reminded of your true animal nature.

Our animal traits get pushed aside…

  • Hunger: Pressure to have total control over your appetite, be the perfect weight.
  • Sexuality: Pressure to have zero or controllable drive.
  • Energy: Expected to be constantly active with no/little need for rest.
  • Health: Expected to have control over health, expected to be constantly healthy no matter the circumstances.
  • Emotions: Expected not to have any emotions, or have control over your emotions and only feel the acceptable ones.


Your spirit animal can also take you beyond your animal self and into your spiritual self — hence the word “spirit.”

There’s an ancient Native Americans belief that spirit animals serve the purposes of assisting spiritual growth and providing protection.

If you are ever searching for spiritual guidance, you can take your spirit animal as a sign of synchronicity. For example, if your animal pops up in an unexpected place then pay extra attention to your surroundings.

It can also be used for meditation. Clear your thoughts and just imagine your spirit animal. Pay attention to what it’s doing, possibly what its thinking or saying.

Internally and externally, your spirit animal is always ready to give you the answers you need.

Embrace it!

The more your embrace your spirit animal(s), the more rewards it will bring: awareness, clarity, growth, acceptance, understanding, connection, peace, joy, zeal, zest, zen, and so on!

  • Own / visit your animal — have as a pet, visit at the zoo, go birdwatching, etc.
  • Environment: decorate your home with decor resembling your spirit animal — such as prints, fabrics, paintings, statues, etc.
  • Dress: wear clothing, jewelry, accessories, props, etc. that resembles your spirit animal.
  • Diet: if possible, eat the same foods as your spirit animal. Another option to connect you to your spirit animal is to eat it! Or eat its byproducts such as eggs or milk.
  • Act like your spirit animal. Does it roar or hiss when it’s aggitated? Does it like to stretch by arching its back or spreading its wings? How does it play — sports? Puzzles? How does it relax — frequent naps? Sleep all day and up all night? Etc…

By becoming conscious of your spirit animal(s), you become more conscious of your inner self & the world around you. Life becomes more rewarding and makes more sense as you embrace animalistic awareness.


3 thoughts on “How to utilize your spirit animal

  1. I took the quiz and ended up with tiger/leopard, which is not a surprise. Maybe jaguar would be the most appropriate. I think it’s mostly reflective of me, except I’m not anti-social. In fact I can get a room full of people laughing so hard they’re crying. But I do value quiet, undisturbed solitude, especially to get work done and for reading,

    You did a nice job on designing the quiz, Laura. Looks like it took a lot of hard work to put it together. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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