Music Monday ~ Britney Spears re-releases “Glory” album with new track “Mood Ring”

This past weekend, after four painful years of silence, Britney Spears blessed her fans with new music by releasing new track "Mood Ring." Previously, this song was exclusively available to her Japanese fans on the deluxe version of her most recent album, 2016's "Glory." The album was re-released on Friday worldwide to include this new… Continue reading Music Monday ~ Britney Spears re-releases “Glory” album with new track “Mood Ring”

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Valentine’s Day Playlist ~ sweet & spicy

A romantic playlist that will give you all the feels just in time for Valentine's Day. Plenty of sweetness, spiciness, and just a dash of cheesiness. Some classics from the 60s/70s, some popular throwbacks, and some underground EDM. 1. Burning Heart -- Alpha 9 "We're burning..." 2. Love At First Sight -- Kylie Minogue "Baby… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Playlist ~ sweet & spicy


Heavy Metal Female Leads of the 2010s

Heavy metal rock music developed in the late 60s/early 70s and continues to live on through the 2010s. Within rock music, women seem to be severely underrepresented and underrated. The following women deserve to be recognized for how well they shine, and truly deserve a standing ovation. The 2010s was a great decade for female… Continue reading Heavy Metal Female Leads of the 2010s


75 Britney Spears Songs, Ranked

The legendary Miss Britney Spears is arguably The Top Dominatrix Goddess of pop music! She saved a dying genre and changed the music industry forever! Queen of controversy and center of conspiracies, Britney has been (and continues to be) battling against not only the media but her own record label making attempts to control and… Continue reading 75 Britney Spears Songs, Ranked


Album Review: “Artemis” by Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling has her own unique sound that blends classical music with present-day dubstep. Her sound is mainly relies on instrumental with a hint of vocals for an added bonus. Recently she dropped a new album titled "Artemis." It takes you on a wild journey through the deep, dark forest -- hunting under the light… Continue reading Album Review: “Artemis” by Lindsey Stirling


Throwback Thursday ~ Music

Music can have a profound impact on your environment. It can be the soundtrack to your life. Today, we have great control over the type of music we listen to. There's radio, CDs, iTunes, and many different streaming services. The internet makes it easier to explore all music, including underground and indie that would otherwise… Continue reading Throwback Thursday ~ Music