A brief retelling of “Aida”

“Aida” (pronounced like eye-YEE-duh) originally began as an Italian opera from 1871. It was later adapted as a movie in 1953, starring Sophia Loren, in which the actors lip-synced opera recordings. Later, in 1998, the plot line was used as a musical in NYC, with music written by Elton John and Tim Rice. Setting &Continue reading “A brief retelling of “Aida””

Film Review: According to Greta

According to Greta (2009) stars Hilary Duff who plays Greta. The film takes place in the beautiful beach town of Ocean Grove, New Jersey, and also shows some of Asbury Park. *Warning: spoilers ahead.* Greta is more than just an angsty teenager; she’s bold and unafraid to shock others, she speaks without filter and tellsContinue reading “Film Review: According to Greta”

Throwback Thursday ~ what happened to LG15?

Lonelygirl15 was one of the first independent, scripted, internet shows to ever come out, just as Youtube was created, which was basically the first time in history that anyone who simply owned a camera and computer had the ability to make their own film, post it worldwide, and even make money out of it fromContinue reading “Throwback Thursday ~ what happened to LG15?”