Throwback Thursday ~ what happened to LG15?

Lonelygirl15 was one of the first independent, scripted, internet shows to ever come out, just as Youtube was created, which was basically the first time in history that anyone who simply owned a camera and computer had the ability to make their own film, post it worldwide, and even make money out of it from enough viewers.

The interesting thing about the web show was that at first it disguised itself as simply any other teenage girl just posting vlogs. It wasn’t until a bit later on when people started to figure it out — that this was an actual scripted series with an actress, actor, and whole camera crew behind the scenes! (People actually were really angry at the time when this was revealed, but it got them way more viewers. I remember like 90% of the comments on all the videos were hate-comments. But yet the show was successful and thrived, so I guess no such thing as bad press?)

The plot starts out simple. Bree Avery (aka “lonelygirl15” played by Jessica Lee Rose) is a 16-year old girl who’s homeschooled with strict and religious parents. She records videos while Daniel (aka “danielbeast”) edits and posts them. It starts out really simple, silly, and even kind of stupid!

And then suddenly comes a plot twist when we discover that Bree is actually part of a cult (The Order) disguised as a religion (The Hymn of One) which wants to kill her because of her special blood.

Bree and Daniel are friends who get into a few arguments over her strict parents and her religion. Bree ends up discovering the truth about the cult she’s in and is forced to run away from home. Eventually “Jonas” reaches out to them after apparently discovering them on Youtube and offers them a place to stay. The cult ends up killing her father and Bree makes it her mission to track down other suspecting girls with this “special blood” and warn them the truth about their “religion.” The plot gets darker as it goes on and the plot line becomes very complex. A lot more characters are introduced — some of them make quick appearances and others stay for the rest of the show.

I used to be hooked on this show, anticipating for the next video to come out, which was typically only a few minutes long! I was very drawn to the character of Bree because of her precious spirit: adventurous and curious yet naive. I liked the series because it was fun and casual, yet also dark, intense, and mysterious… especially by the end!

The series finale is extremely intense. I think I can recall crying. It was broken up into twelve videos which was posted each hour in one day. SPOILER ALERT: They killed Bree!!! After being missing for so long, she comes back to spend the night with Jonas and then ends up disappearing the next day, and that’s really the last we ever see of her. In the final episode, you see a glimpse of her dead body!

The show continued on with the other characters but I couldn’t continue watching after that. I was damn upset about Bree’s death! It was devastating!

AND THEN… EIGHT YEARS LATER SHE RETURNS! With a very MYSTERIOUS VIDEO! Which gives me hope that she is still alive, but sadly forever under The Order’s control!

This video basically sums it all up: [warning explicit]


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