Thoughts on relationships & defending yourself

Today, I'm drinking a chai tea latte, very frothy! My mom would always tell my siblings and me not to date in high school, and she certainly had a point. Dating at such a young age, before you reach adulthood, is honestly dangerous. The whole "high school romance" thing is seriously over-romanticized. Not only are… Continue reading Thoughts on relationships & defending yourself


Peppermint tea ~ I strive to be the fool! I strive to be the VALOR!

Good morning everyone, and happy Tuesday. Today I'm drinking peppermint tea. Although Christmas is over, it still tastes great for the wintertime. We are coming into the new year now. One of my personal goals last year was to open up more, and I really feel like I have. I've learned that I end up… Continue reading Peppermint tea ~ I strive to be the fool! I strive to be the VALOR!

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FIGHTING ~ too much, not enough, a healthy balance

Tuesday is the day of Mars, and Mars represents fighting, war, and fiery passion. It's about going into battle and standing your ground. It's strong, intense, and never backs down. Mars takes action, it doesn't just sit there quietly. It has a lot of energy which is fueled by desire. We tend to think of… Continue reading FIGHTING ~ too much, not enough, a healthy balance


Sage tea ~ friendships come & go

Today, I'm drinking sage tea. Sage is famous for its cleansing properties, removing toxins and negativity on both a physical and spiritual level, making space for the new. They say "friends are like seasons, they come and go." Friendship should be valued, as it can be such a wonderful thing. But accepting that friends come… Continue reading Sage tea ~ friendships come & go


Tuesday’s tea ~ berry detox

Today, I'm drinking berry detox. It has: ginger, fennel, hibiscus, burdock, strawberry, dandelion, orange peel, honey bush, aรงaรญ, yellow dock, raspberry, and pomegranate. Wow, that's a lot! It's fruity and delicious. Totally helps de-bloating. I don't care what people think, and I don't worry about being judged. I know that everyone lives in their little… Continue reading Tuesday’s tea ~ berry detox


Tuesday’s tea ~ peach tea ๐Ÿ‘

This evening, I'm drinking peach tea with honey. Let's talk about... Perfectionism. I recently realized, how much perfectionism has been holding me back. In some ways I feel like I'm not a perfectionist at all, it's not something I ever strive to be, or it was something that I used to be a long time… Continue reading Tuesday’s tea ~ peach tea ๐Ÿ‘