Tuesday’s tea ~ mango passionfruit

This evening, I’m drinking mango & passionfruit tea with honey.

There was a crazy thunderstorm today. It was supposed to go all night but it has already brightened up, at least for now. During heavy storms like this we have to be safe, stay inside, and put plans on hold until the weather clears up again. It’s just like the COVID quarantine. Nature takes over and foils all of our plans. It’s frustrating but it’s necessary and you have to respect it. All the more reason to get things done while you still can. But there are important times when you need to drop everything and slow down, for your mental, physical, and spiritual health, and for others’ too.

I have been lucky that COVID has not affected me nearly as much as it has devastated many. Although this summer has been a lot more agitating for me than the spring. This is really the only season I actually like to go out and do things. I really miss the beach. But this is a really unique situation that all of us are going through right now and should definitely make the best of it. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s just because of quarantine or maybe something else, but I’ve been feeling such a calling to go within.

I think all of us could use more time right now to think. It’s easier to face yourself when you don’t have as many distractions surrounding you. It’s difficult to process anything when you’re so focused on doing, instead of being. When you are quiet, it’s harder to control your thoughts, and so many people are afraid of their own minds. Many of us would be surprised to explore our minds and actually see what we’ve found.


17 thoughts on “Tuesday’s tea ~ mango passionfruit

  1. Ah, a storm with tea. To me that is an opportunity to relax and work on at-home projects, but I understand it can be frustrating to those whose plans would have taken them outside to interact with the wider world. I hope soon enough the storm will pass so that those frustrations may burn away with the lingering clouds.

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