Back to school

About 2 weeks ago, I started my final semester of college. Del Val has been a crazy adventure. I’m looking forward to graduating. I’ve had enough of tests and presentations. I only have three classes to get through this semester – physiology of reproduction, clinical pathology, and senior seminar. They’re all going to be pretty tough. Reproduction should be interesting and I’m excited to see what this class has to offer. Clinical pathology is going to be difficult because 95% of the students in the class are pre-vet students.

I have learned so much at Del Val… but something especially interesting I learned that most people don’t realize is the reality of being a veterinarian. My professor during freshmen year (who used to be a vet) dissuaded us from planning on becoming a vet. He told us that getting into vet school is nearly impossible. He told us being a vet is a hundred times harder than being a human doctor. And yeah, if you think about it, vets have to learn about all the animals and doctors only have to learn about one. Today in lab, someone mentioned how the vet field has the highest rate of suicides and depression. Yikes!!! I have to applaud my fellow peers who have already sent in their applications for vet school (which cost them thousands of dollars just to apply).

Today in clin path lab, we made blood smears, stained the slides, and looked at them under a microscope. To my surprise I kept up with the pre-vet students (for now…). I have to start appreciating these little opportunities I get as a college student. Even though my major is difficult, I’ve had so many unique experiences in lab that I wouldn’t normally have.

My very last “first day of school” photo

I stopped working at Paws-itively Healthy for the time being. I “officially” left the day before school started but I ended up working last Saturday morning. Sometimes the job can get really annoying (especially the heat stress) but being around dogs is an absolute joy for me. My favorite thing is watching them play with each other, getting so into the moment that they don’t even realize I’m there. There are definitely specific dogs that would come often for daycare/boarding that I really miss!

I’m really enjoying my apartment! I’ve been here since the beginning of the summer. My roommate Bree is awesome!


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