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Another Venus update

Venus is laying on my lap right now, purring. She is such a sweetheart. Moments like this, all I can think is, “I love you SO much… I don’t deserve you… you are TOO sweet!” And then there are other moments when she messes with my stuff, jumps on the kitchen table, drinks from the toilet, pees on my clothing (which hasn’t happened in a long time!) and I’m screaming at her.

She has recovered well from surgery. Her energy levels are a bit lower, but seem to be picking up as time goes by. Her wound seems to be healing well, just slightly inflamed. Her fur is growing back pretty fast. However, Venus is not meowing nearly as much. When she does meow, it sounds much quieter and weaker than normal.

It’s a great, big world out there!

I took her outside the other day and let her roam around the yard for a bit. She was absolutely ecstatic. She was cautious yet curious; full of fear, yet full of excitement. Soon enough I’m going to let her go outside on her own. I’m very nervous about this but I know she will be much happier this way.

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It has been only four months since I got Venus and she is now such a big part of my life (and my heart). It did not take long for me to fall in love with her. She is about 7 months old now, and her little kitten body is finally beginning to look like an adult cat. She still follows me around, but she no longer begs for my attention nearly as much as she used to. Venus is growing up and she is becoming more and more independent. Although it is a little sad to feel less needed, it warms my heart to see her living her life and figuring out things on her own. It’s really magical to watch an animal grow up and make so much progress. I can’t imagine how magical it must feel to watch your own human child doing the same.

Animals are far more simpler than humans. They have basic needs: food, water, shelter… and mating if they aren’t fixed. And it the cores of their souls, an animal’s most basic need is to feel loved. They don’t judge, they don’t get offended, and they don’t take things personally. That’s what makes them so comforting: you can freely give & receive love with them, without the worries and anxieties of potential misunderstandings. Ironically, humans seem to have far more misunderstandings and confusion with one another than they do with animals.

Every moment with Venus is precious. Pets have such short lives compared to humans (unless your pet is a tortoise). I will always remember my beloved cats, Buttermilk and Penelope. The other night, I had a dream that all three cats were alive and with me. In the dream, there was a storm coming. Venus and Penelope were in the house sleeping safely, but I had to run outside and find Buttermilk. When I finally found him, he was standing on the deck. The wind was picking up and the rain was coming down, and Buttermilk just stood there on the deck, looking out towards the storm with regal confidence. It was such an epic moment. I interpreted the dream as a message of strength during weary times.


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