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Ocean Grove 2017

Every summer, my family (parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc…) gets together for a family vacation at the Jersey Shore. When I was a child, we rented a beach house. As the house became more crowded, we switched to hotel rooms. Then, just last year, we switched back to staying at a house. Our new beach house is right across from the beach for easy access. It can feel hectic at times, but it was really great to see everyone!


Sadly, it was the first OG since Cliff has passed away. There was a collage of his pictures posted on the front desk in memory of him. It must have been very hard for Gram. She stayed strong but we certainly all missed his presence.


My cousins Matt & Kathryn’s babies are no longer babies anymore. Annie is already 5-years old and she is becoming so independent. She walked into town for lunch with my parents, my aunt, my grandma, and me without being accompanied by her parents or her grandparents which is pretty impressive! Little Sammy is 3-years old and this was the first time I saw his personality truly flourishing. He was running around the house and talking to everybody. For the last few nights, he chose to sleep with my brother Scott who he called “scary” (in a good way, I guess?) Annie & Sammy are absolutely adorable!


One of the highlights of my week was going to Asbury Park with my cousin Silla, sister Julie, aunt Debbie, and Mom for breakfast. We had no luck finding restaurants that serve breakfast mimosas, so after we ate, we headed to the beach bar. I had a “pineapple express.”

Until next time…


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