30-day challenges

30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 22-30

Day 22: Environmentalism

We fail to recognize how important it is to take care of our environment so that our environment can continue providing for us.

Day 23: Animal rights

Animals should be treated with respect and we should use our privilege as humans to help them however we can. We can learn so much from them so it’s important that we utilize their gifts without completely exploiting them.

Day 24: Technology

Technology helps us progress as humans. But I can also see how it holds us back in certain ways. It can save our environment but also destroy it. It can create connections but also burn bridges. It should be treated with caution.

Day 25: Karma

I certainly believe in karma. It’s all about receiving the same type of energy you put out there. It’s not about punishments and rewards, it’s about aligning yourself with the kind of energy you want more of. (So don’t call her a bitch!)

Day 26: What are your core beliefs?

At the core of my beliefs I like to keep an open mind and remain open to the belief that everything I think I know is wrong. All I know is I know nothing!

Day 27: How have you changed?

I’ve opened up a lot to finding new experiences and doing things differently. I try to no longer see myself as a victim of situations. I’m more about letting go and not being so afraid of losing control.

Day 28: What makes you happy?

I’m happy to be focused in the moment and surrounded by anyone with positive vibes.

Day 29: How do you get yourself through a hard time?

Find a healthy way to release the stress and then focus all my energy on the good things.

Day 30: What advice can you give yourself?

Don’t feed the fears.


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