Personal updates

SURPRISE! …crazy hair

Soooo… surprise, surprise I messed around with my hair. But this shouldn’t be a surprise at this point if you know me. I’ve been golden blonde, platinum blonde, brown, black, red, purple-ish brown, and pink tips. Now it’s purple ombré.

I have been putting some color in my hair for the past few months, but it’s been difficult getting it to stick and stay vibrant. So I ran to CVS and grabbed the boldest and most promising dye — splat “rain.” It came with three dyes: bleach, pinkish purple, and blueish purple. I skipped the bleach in order to prevent extra damage, figuring my hair is already super light. Above is my “before” shot.

Had to change into something I didn’t mind getting stained. Opted for an old high school shirt. Here’s my “during” shot, not-so-patiently waiting for the rinse.

Took a very pink shower (hair dye EVERYWHERE!!!) And probably had to spend a good 15 minutes or so just letting the dye wash out. I was torn between “if I rinse too long, the dye might come out and lose vibrancy” and “if I don’t rinse long enough, I’m going to stain my entire apartment.” Luckily I ended up somewhere in the middle.

After the hair coloring was complete, I cut my bangs for the final touch… ta-da!!!


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