It is perfectly valid to feel any type of negative emotion, without reason or justification. Feelings can’t really be rationalized; they go beyond science and logic. Therefore, there really is no “correct” feeling.

Something that really draws out negative feelings, is getting yourself caught up in the should’s or should not’s. Like, “well I really shouldn’t be feeling like this, I should be feeling like that…” or “someone in my current position is supposed to feel like this and that…” Get rid of the judgement and just simply feel your feels! The sooner you face your pain, the faster you can work through and resolve it.

Just like the concept of detoxing, letting the damage come to the surface does not mean you are getting sicker, but it means you are healing. You cannot release negative emotions if you keep suppressing them. You have to let them come to the surface in order to let them go. Find a balance between detaching yourself from emotions versus becoming completely absorbed in them. Don’t hide from them, but see them without letting them consume you. You are not a judge in a courtroom debating what the punishment is for your emotions. It’s more like a movie theater: see something that you can’t control, without letting that something control you.

A shift in perspective is a powerful thing. The more expectations you have, the more pain you open yourself up to. With the knowledge that life is wildly unpredictable, why insist on controlling everything? When bad things happen, is it actually that bad? Once you get rid of all the judgement (the should and should not’s), you realize that you are a bright soul with a beating heart, balancing on a rotating planet, spinning around an illuminating star. And that alone is a miracle itself.

  • My problems are my challenges that I was destined to conquer.
  • When sadness comes, it’s here to visit but not to stay.
  • Anyone who causes issues in my life is here to weaken my ego and strengthen my soul.
  • No matter the circumstances, I can always choose to stay positive.
  • Simply existing is a miracle.


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