30-day challenges

Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy

  1. Waking up on a rainy morning with no obligations for the day and lighting candles and making hot apple cider.
  2. Getting really excited about something with someone else or with a group of people and screaming.
  3. When somebody tells me something that is really insightful and changes my whole perspective.
  4. Going on a long hike and seeing an amazing view of nature that the camera can’t even capture.
  5. Dancing with somebody to a really great song.
  6. Cuddling with a cute and furry animal.
  7. Being served a full homemade breakfast that includes french toast or pancakes, scrambled eggs, some fruit, and cranberry juice.
  8. Laying on the beach in the middle of summer and feeling the heat of the sun.
  9. Listening to good music and singing my heart out and completely relating to the lyrics.
  10. When someone I really care about says or does things that warms my heart.

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