30-day challenges

Day 3: what are your top 3 pet peeves?

1. Closed-minded people. I strongly dislike people who are so stubbornly close-minded that they refuse to see a situation from anyone else’s perspective. Or if you tell them something that challenges their beliefs, they will just dismiss you. How can a person be so arrogant that they assume they know everything and have all the answers? Opening your mind will set you free. Free from the opinions of others, free from society’s expectations. You will never learn or grow from the past if you are not open to change. People with strong minds understand that perception is a powerful tool, a way of controlling your life for the better.

2. Paranoia, complaining, & general negative thinking. I wish people would realize how strongly their thoughts affect their lives. If you keep thinking such negative thoughts, especially if you speak them, you are conditioning your mind to attract negative experiences. A simple thought such as “I hate cleaning” is so deadly — as soon as you open yourself up to hate, you invite more hateful energy in your life. Re-word your thought to something like this, “I am feeling so productive as I get all my cleaning done.” And then like magic, more positive thoughts will effortlessly follow. Seriously. STOP FEEDING YOURSELF NEGATIVITY! Strengthen your mind! Thoughts rule our lives! Please, I can’t stress this enough. Do some research about the power of your thoughts. Next time your mind wants to feed you something negative and hateful, tell it to shut the eff up!

3. Being misunderstood. This is something I deal with a lot. I have always had so much social anxiety and shyness, and people see this as me being uptight or snooty. People are like, “oh she thinks she is better than me” when that is so far from the truth. Or another example is that I am highly sensitive and feel things deeply, and people will assume I am just being dramatic or looking for attention. It’s frustrating but I try not to let it bother me because you can’t control other people’s opinions of you. If someone wants to only see the negative in me then that’s a shame. I’m done trying to prove myself to close-minded people. If they knew the truth then they would feel better but they actively choose to be miserable and assume they know me. Whatever.


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