30-day challenges

Day 11: something you always think “what if” about

I always wondered what life would be like if we lived in a tribe or like a hippie commune or something. If we all still lived in little huts or log cabins. If we all lived closer to nature and focused more on the internal rather than the external. If we were more concerned with the spirit rather than the physical world. People would not take their looks so seriously, would not spend so much time and money and pain into looking perfect.

Instead, everyone would strive towards their own personal goals as well as a collective connection to community. We could all follow our greatest desires while supporting and encouraging the dreams of others. There would be no jealousy or dishonesty.

What if no one chased after money and power. What if we all still used our imagination and made up our own stories and songs, instead of swallowing depressive news about politics, crime, disease, and abuse every day. It’s not about regression, or going back in time. It’s about putting our efforts towards the evolution of mind and spirit. It’s about evolving our souls instead of our surroundings.

Humanity can create technology that assists us, makes our lives easier. But there will never be a piece of technology invented that can fill the void in one’s heart, or quench one’s soul. Cures for diseases are being invented, just as fast as new diseases are being discovered. Antibiotics only made bacteria stronger and more resistant. I think we are running in circles, I think we are going crazy.

Evidence shows that ancient societies were much more advanced than we thought, even more advanced than we were a few centuries ago. They were aware of the importance of spirit. There are natural plants and herbs with incredible healing powers that our current societies refuses to research because they cannot be profited the same way man-made medicine is.

But our problem goes beyond the evilness that money can bring. Money itself can be a great thing, when used properly — for survival, or maybe for indulgence here and there. But when it is used as a means of chasing after happiness, it will only suck you into a hole of debt and depression. The same thing with drugs — amazing healing powers — but people can’t seem to use them correctly. It’s because we are relying on the physical world to bring us a sense of ecstacy that can only be found inside of yourself.

I believe we all carry the universe inside of us. We come from stardust. And we came into this limited physical form in order to grow and explore. I think we are all connected to one another, and there is no need for jealousy or possession, because this separation is all an illusion. When you are away from someone, and you miss them, and you feel a yearning in your heart… it is proof that they are still with you.

Nature is our greatest teacher and we are dumbing ourselves down by hiding from it in big buildings — with our shiny, novel gadgets that keep us distracted. Nature carries a healing energy — it carries life. And we stare at papers and screens, trying to figure out a new way to outsmart mother nature. Tell me, what is the use of protecting ourselves from the next big storm, when we all have storms inside of our hearts that we insist on ignoring…?


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