30-day challenges

Day 17: post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you

My sun sign is scorpio. Scorpio represents death and transformation. Unlike most other signs it is ruled by two planets instead of one: Mars, planet of war, and Pluto, planet of mystery. Scorpio is a very mysterious sign and associated with solving puzzles and digging for information. It’s a fixed sign so it can be stubborn and hold onto things. Anyone who is scorpio is intense and feels things very deeply. They have a lot of focus and determination. Their animals are: the scorpion representing their sharp stingers, and the phoenix rising from the ashes — representing new strength after total destruction. Scorpios face a lot of changes in their lives because they are the energy of change itself. They are constantly dying and being reborn again. Scorpios have more of a masculine energy and think very directly, even though they are so heavily emotional at the same time. They can be more dominant and more focused on the physical. They are much more aggressive than they are passive, preferring to be blunt and direct with others rather than beating around the bush. Because of their Mars energy, they are not afraid of war, and will gladly confront you if they have an issue with you. You will know when a scorpio loves you or hates you because they are not afraid to tell you, although their elusive aura will have you second-guessing yourself. Scorpios are loners and prefer to be by themselves in solitude. Scorpio is a water sign, meaning they are highly sensitive and intuitive. It also means that they are detached on the surface but deeply emotional on the inside. Although scorpios are so intensely emotional, they are also extremely logical at the same time. Generally they are a logical sign, preferring to keep their emotions safely buried away, until they cannot suppress them anymore and they snap. Scorpios will come off as a peaceful pond, meanwhile slowly bubbling up from underneath, and then they explode will an emotional outburst like a tsunami. Then they go back to covering their emotions and the cycle goes on. I believe my sun sign describes me perfectly, but we also have influences coming from our moon, ascendent, Venus, Mars, etc. energy that plays part into who we are.


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