Little signs that you may be going against your intuition

Our conscious mind likes to hide stuff from our unconscious as a way of protecting ourselves, but only short-term. In the long-term of things, it actually severely destroys us. It’s not like I’m an expert when it comes to culture — but I have noticed that the American culture seems to be all about puttingContinue reading “Little signs that you may be going against your intuition”

Demons & Destiny ~ part 2

Part 1 PART 2: The man was not only a priest, but High Priest, and it was of a secret mystery cult. A few years before her eighteenth, Autumn embarked on a spirit quest — a coming-of-age that everyone within the religion went through sometime around age thirteen or fourteen. It is a time ofContinue reading “Demons & Destiny ~ part 2”

Fairy of Spring

The fairy of Spring walks down a garden path because she does not yet know how to fly. Seedlings that have been planted are now just beginning to sprout, revealing themselves. It is the start of new growth — and in order to grow, there must be care, nurturing, and patience involved. New beginnings areContinue reading “Fairy of Spring”

Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 2)

There he was. Fear pulsed throughout Alice’s body and her mind started racing. She knew she was not supposed to be upstairs… but neither was he! He must have followed her, she decided. But why? Was he trying to get her in trouble? There were only two choices: remain hidden and attempt to sneak outContinue reading “Forbidden Knowledge (chapter 2)”

Forbidden Knowledge

Alice was a librarian. Her large, round glasses started to fog up every time her favorite customer came by. He did not even look like a bookworm, but she was noticing his presence becoming more frequent. He moved with such purpose that she questioned if he was aware of it or not. He suddenly turnedContinue reading “Forbidden Knowledge”