Feel the flow

Flow in the stream and don’t fight the path

direct the sails and make a splash

let the wind breathe on my face

watching the pieces fall into place

Separation, separation, feels so cold

incarnation, celebration, never too old

Live life as one, and you’ll smile at the sun

Love is the only way, love is the only way

Breathe in the moment, exhale the past

I am not first, nor am I last

I am all and nothing at once

expand and contract this life in my lungs


2 thoughts on “Feel the flow

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog. Unfortunately I will not be posting much over the next few weeks as I am in the hospital. It’s not fatal and it is MS related so hopefully I’ll be out a few weeks. Please feel free to wander through my last few years and I hope you enjoy it.


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