Demons & Destiny ~ part 2

Part 1


The man was not only a priest, but High Priest, and it was of a secret mystery cult. A few years before her eighteenth, Autumn embarked on a spirit quest — a coming-of-age that everyone within the religion went through sometime around age thirteen or fourteen. It is a time of seclusion that involves fasting, praying, and disciplining oneself until an enlightenment is reached. It is done with the guidance and care of a High Priest or Priestess by the young seedling’s side in order to ensure a safe spiritual journey. Working as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, the High Priest/Priestess can channel information about the soul’s purpose and what his/her destiny is.

During Autumn’s spirit quest, she took her journey with the trusted High Priestess of her church. It was an incredible, life-transformative experience. She learned so much, but most importantly of all, who she was destined to spend eternity with! From then on, she fell completely obedient to discipline. She wanted to be Heaven’s perfect angel; she wanted to be completely pure, devoid of defiance. She craved constant reassurance that she was always on the correct path, never straying against intuition, not even for a second. Her greatest fear was living a life that had not been written in the stars. A slave to the planets and suns was who she strived to be.

After some time, Autumn found herself in a spiritual blockage, as if her soul had reached a plateau. It felt like a few of the stars in her sky were slightly out of place. She told herself that she was content, yet a very small part of her had a lot of anger from some unknown reason. It the part of her that needed to be disciplined, and it was indeed locked up in heavy chains. Only rarely would it escape in sharp flashes that caused an exponential amount of damage in a minuscule amount of time.

Desperate for more answers, Autumn sought out her High Priestess who had taken her on the spirit quest, and begged her for another round. Unfortunately she refused, claiming that it would be an abuse of power. She did, however, encourage the eager starseed to continue seeking within because that is where all the answers lie. With a sigh and an eye roll, Autumn carried on and continued doing her best to keep zen.

And then she met the High Priest, merely months before her destiny was about to be set in stone. He was actually a nomadic priest, traveling the world to teach others his wisdom, but when he came around to this area something made him decide to stay and become High Priest. From the moment she met him, she heard sirens in her head as if they were warning her that her whole life had the potential to destruct and transform into something entirely different beyond her wildest imagination just because of one person. Yet she confidently smiled upon greeting him, knowing that her outstanding discipline would never let her life come crashing down — for she was born an angel who never strayed from the path that was meant for her, blindly following the light at all times. (Or so she thought…)

She asked him if he would take her on a spirit quest, explaining how she wanted more answers and needed reassurance that she was on the right path. At first he resisted but with enough persistence he finally agreed. And so, they fasted and prayed together in the church until he could see a clear vision.

to be continued…


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