Feet on the ground, head in the clouds

“Shoot for the moon. And if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

I have a hyperactive imagination. I’m always dreaming, all the time. I like to write as a way of reminding myself that fantasy and reality are different. I don’t think we should ever stop dreaming though, no matter what people say. I wish more people would open their minds. I may say I have an open mind, then I find myself in situations where I feel trapped and realize my mind is not as open as I would like to believe. Still, I always have that go-with-the-flow attitude — part of the reason may be a need to please others, but mainly it comes from knowledge that life is an adventure and trust that the universe has better plans for me than I have for myself. Tiny inconveniences can somehow turn into gigantic miracles.

You can’t live life laying face flat on the ground. Life becomes so dull, tiring, and draining that way. Those who lay on the ground are ten times as delusional than those who let themselves float high. Tiredness is a choice. The body is capable of so much strength and endaurance, but our minds block it when we feel uninspired. Children have much less energy than adults, but it does not seem this way — and that’s because they have not yet let the world tell them to stop dreaming.

Ground yourself by disconnecting from the mind and connecting to the body. Feel your heartbeat and your breath. Use your five senses: look, hear, smell, taste, and touch your environment. Your body is wiser than your mind. Your mind can easily twist things and tell you lies, but the body cannot lie. This is how you truly ground yourself. —Not by thinking pessimestically.

Everyone has their own unique perception and set of beliefs. So it’s easy for misunderstandings to happen. I think a lot of people are scared of being judged, I know that I am, but others should know that I am the least judgmental person ever. Sometimes we find others intimidating when it is actually a direct reflection of our own insecurities. And then other times we assume someone is on the same page as us when actually they do not agree with your mindset at all. You have to respect people’s differences.

Life is magical when you let yourself dream! Just don’t get lost in the clouds… I have a hope deep inside of me that can sometimes carry me away from reality. I try so hard at times to stay hopeless, but I can’t. I’m so sorry that I can never stop hoping, I can never stop dreaming. Some dreams can be hurtful to others and I try to tell myself that, but then “hope” convinces me that pain is an illusion you can rise above, you just need more hope. My hope says that anything is possible, dreams don’t have to hurt anyone if we can all believe in ourselves. But I suppose that’s just not realistic. I suppose that is straight up delusional thinking.

I have to keep some hope alive because it is what keeps me going. It is what pushes me out of bed every morning when I would rather sleep all day and hide from everyone. It motivates me to create a future; it reminds me that life is sacred and has purpose. I nurture my hope but I try not to overfeed it and let it become greedy or overpowering. Hope is a good thing. You can hope that others will share your dreams and help them come true, but that’s really all you can do — hope. You cannot force or expect anything. Nobody owes you anything. If you are forcing a dream on someone then you are disrespecting their own dreams. It’s not easy — to say the least. Nothing “easy” is ever worth it. There is a balance between the soil and the sky.

At least I am grounded enough to admit that I don’t always see things clearly. I am aware that my perception of life is — not just “unique” — but weird! I see everything in very weird ways, which makes sense that people get uncomfortable. I can’t control what others think of me and that is something I am grounded enough to accept.

I also can’t help but let myself be a dreamer. Some dreams really are meant to come true while others are not. You can tell the difference by letting things flow naturally and seeing what happens. Even when something will never happen I think it’s okay to have a little bit of hope in order to stay inspired and feel excited about life, but you have to try so hard to keep that hope contained in a safe space that can do no harm. I have definitely struggled with this at times and maybe this is one of those things I came into this world to learn and really experience soul growth. It’s so extremely difficult sometimes but it’s like a muscle that gets stronger as I grow older.

Stay inspired! đŸ˜º


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