Recently a new food product came out called “Just” — a vegan substitute for eggs. That means, essentially, eggless eggs. I may not be vegan but I found myself so fascinated by this and decided to give it a try…

I bought it at my local grocery store for $8 — very pricey! It contains eight servings which equals eight eggs — that’s $1 per egg!

The texture is liquidy with a little bit of thickness, meant to resemble beaten eggs that are ready to be scrambled. So that’s nice, you get to skip a step. Instructions are very simple: pour into frying pan and scramble like a real egg.

I ended up using about a quarter of the bottle, which equates to two eggs. I cooked until there was slight browning and then added black pepper, red pepper, and salt.

Results: I actually thought it was pretty delicious! I had low expectations and did not expect it to taste like eggs. It definitely had that “vegan taste” and you could tell it wasn’t the real thing, but it actually came very, very close. I felt satisfied afterwards.

Final thoughts: if you are a committed vegan who is missing scrambled eggs, then I highly recommend this product. If you are simply an open-minded person who eats whatever then I also recommend giving it a try at least once. They cannot compare to a real, fresh egg… although I’ve had actual scrambled eggs in the past that taste much worse. The ridiculously high price unfortunately makes it unrealistic to be eating every day, or even every few weeks. Conclusively, I would say that I was pleasantly surprised by this product but I wasn’t blown away.


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