When you do to me What has been done to you Karma comes around to bring clarity and truth. She runs in circles telling us how others feel for a moment it may hurt yet for a lifetime it will heal!

Book Review: “Legendary Ladies” by Ann Shen

I recently added a new book to my collection called “Legendary Ladies: 50 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You.” It goes over many famous goddesses from mythologies of all origins. Each goddess comes with a synopsis that includes her story, her characteristics, and what she represents. It also has beautiful illustrations. These ladies are categorizedContinue reading “Book Review: “Legendary Ladies” by Ann Shen”

Cave Exploring

I hiked over eight miles with Kev along part of the Appilation trail! It was beautiful! This is the cave we explored! We had to crawl through this little entrance and use flashlights because it was pitch dark. I was terrified about bats (or big foot!) but it was so much fun. We want toContinue reading “Cave Exploring”


Today I officially reached 100 FOLLOWERS!!! Thank you so much to everyone who follows me and keeps up with my posts, especially those who have been there since way back in the beginning! So far I have written 220 posts and received 2,698 views. In 2016, I wrote 4,810 words with 5 likes. In 2017,Continue reading “100 Followers!!!”


Noble is the knight in shining armor Wearing his pride like a badge of honor Horsebackriding with his chest held high Conquering the world because he’s blessed by the sky Admirable is his character, so virtuously kept Striving towards his destiny free of moral debt Compassion is his compass; it always leads the way WorkingContinue reading “Noble”

Wild, Wounded, Wandering, Wishful Hearts

Wild heart does not mind getting bruised Wild heart has nothing to lose Wild heart does not mind feeling ill Wild heart is hungry for thrills Wounded heart is distant and weary Wounded heart is cold and dreary Wounded heart sings the saddest song Wounded heart wants to be proven wrong Wandering heart is lookingContinue reading “Wild, Wounded, Wandering, Wishful Hearts”