Wild, Wounded, Wandering, Wishful Hearts

Wild heart does not mind getting bruised

Wild heart has nothing to lose

Wild heart does not mind feeling ill

Wild heart is hungry for thrills

Wounded heart is distant and weary

Wounded heart is cold and dreary

Wounded heart sings the saddest song

Wounded heart wants to be proven wrong

Wandering heart is looking for a home

Wandering heart doesn’t want to be alone

Wandering heart keeps knocking on doors

Wandering heart is searching for more

Wishful heart is quiet and shy

Wishful heart is always wondering why

Wishful heart is living in a dream

Wishful heart has a fantasy

Wild heart says, “I want to play!”

Wounded heart yells, “go away!”

Wandering heart asks, “where do I turn?”

Wishful heart whispers, “I will always yearn.”


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