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Today I officially reached 100 FOLLOWERS!!! Thank you so much to everyone who follows me and keeps up with my posts, especially those who have been there since way back in the beginning!

  • So far I have written 220 posts and received 2,698 views.
  • In 2016, I wrote 4,810 words with 5 likes.
  • In 2017, I wrote 18,821 words with 75 likes.
  • In 2018, I wrote 11,184 words with 200 likes.
  • So far in 2019 I have written 23,417 words with 192 likes.
  • My most viewed post is Goals & Ideas for 2019.
  • and my most liked is a tie between Sunrise and Can’t breathe with 13 likes each.

It’s fascinating to receive feedback and see what people are interested in!

Since I first started this WordPress blog, I have become much more motivated and inspired. At that time I was upset to be finishing college and fell into a schlump. It was rough and I was not at my healthiest. This blog helped me work through a difficult transition by setting goals and challenging myself to keep trying new things. I was able to refocus and regain my determination. And thanks to positive feedback from others, I continue to push myself to nourish my creativity, live life to the fullest, and hopefully have something positive to offer to the world.

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