Nature · philosophy

Elements of the self

What is innocence?

It is the ground, the soil of the earth. It is the very beginning. It knows nothing: neither right nor wrong. Everything simply is. There is no knowledge, no prior experience to build a solid belief system. It is the fool. It will accept everything without question, refusal, or denial — absorbing it all like a sponge. Like the ground, it accepts both the nourishing rain and the polluting litter. It has no guard or defense mechanism. There is unsuspecting trust, blind optimism, and illogical hope. To be in the presence of innocence brings a sense of feeling accepted, unjudged, and able to let one’s guard down. Innocence is peaceful and calming: it will never test you or trick you into anything because it does not have the capacity to see any living creature in a negative light. It never seeks revenge because it has no developed concept of justice. There is a saintly need to protect innocence before painful experiences cause it to cease existing.

What is ambition?

It is the fire. It the determination to take action. It is a limitless energy, building upon itself and getting stronger with time. There is intense focus burning down a razor sharp path. Unlike innocence, ambition is completely knowledgable and fully aware of exactly what it wants. There is an unshakable, inner faith. A deep understanding of oneself sparks the confidence that pushes forth ambition. It seeks righteousness through passionate expression. Anyone who attempts to control it only adds more fuel to the fire. Such powerful energy is required for creation — yet in order to create, one must first destroy. Ambition is the driving force behind change. It is both extinction and renewal joined together to breed something new. Ambition is never fully satisfied with the present: fixated on the future and always thirsting for more. This energy exists on a supernatural plane because it is the process of manifestation which is just another word for “magic.”

What is expression?

It is the wind, the movement of the air. It is the product of shifting energies. It can whistle loudly and whisk through the trees, or be gentle like a soft breeze. It is clever and sharp-minded; while ambition may have full awareness of oneself, expression has full awareness of everyone, because it is everywhere (like the air we breathe.) It exists in an infinite amount of forms; it is ever-changing and can be perceived in an infinite amount of ways. It is the sharing of information representing one’s own personal truth. It flows through every being to form a chain. It travels from one person to the next, interconnecting one another. It is the exhaling of thoughts that the surrounding environment inhales. It is the community, the greater whole, the collective consciousness. It is the interactive web that holds every living creature together on a spiritual level, yet not at all visible to the physical eyes.

What is regeneration?

It is the water that washes away all impurities and removes all blockages. It is the rebirth of a new cycle, the finale before the next act, the ending before the new beginning. It is the forgiveness of the judgement day. It is the rebalancing of the scale. The heavy body becomes lighter while swimming in the ocean; gravity loses its affect. It breaks the chains of compulsion, habit, and anything else that one feels tied to. All that has been tainted is now purified. Deep introspection helps the mind become more fluid and shape itself into something fresh through new patterns of thought. Knowledge is disintegrated and ripped apart into pieces until completely dissolved. The past is forgotten and a space is created for new experiences that will give birth to a new belief system. This clears the way for innocence to be reclaimed once again.


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