*An unlikely friendship*

It was the best type of friendship: an unlikely friendship. A kind of friendship that may make you wonder. It was two different aliens on two different planets from two different galaxies.

He was a zany dork who made gross potty jokes and picked on people for laughs. She was awkward and childish like a little brat. And they kind of hated each other, but not actually. In a way, he was avuncular or paternal to her. And she was daughterly to him in a wholesome way. It was a friendship — an unlikely friendship.

But it all just seemed so unlikely, and so it turned into a forced friendship. This was full of stress and anxiety. The more it was attempted to be controlled, the more out of control it became. And then it was no longer.

However, over time there was growth and lessons learned. And, in an unlikely turn of events, the friendship was restored. Expect the unexpected.


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