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Ocean Grove // Asbury Park 2019

It was another dazzling summer at Ocean Grove with the family. Filled with a mix of age-old, somewhat recent, and brand new traditions.

There were multiple Playa Bowl meals. I’m torn between the coconut bowls and the green bowls — equally delicious. A lot of people like the dragon fruit.

There was the second annual brewery tour at Beer Haus, Last Wave, and Frye Brewery. My favorite beer of the night: chop hop.

We had our annual Ladies Breakfast at The Starving Artist — no men allowed!

And of course there was beach time (the water was perfect!), walks on the boardwalk through Asbury Park, and lots of ice cream.

It’s really fascinating to see what they do with the tunnel that bridges between OG and Asbury. There is always some new type of artwork.

It’s so peaceful to be by the beach: the sounds, the sights, and the feeling. This year I made more of an effort to use my phone less and be more present in the moment.

The full moonlight was enchanting! You could see so many stars in the sky including Mars and Jupiter!

Asbury Park is such an incredibly creative place, you never know what you’ll find!

I’m so in love with these murals I found! I love how they represent the strength of women.

The ocean is alive, the ocean is free, the ocean is powerful, the ocean is female!

Until next year…


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