Try-it Tuesday ~ MONQ Essential Oil Pens

MONQ is a personal water vapor diffuser (pen) consisting of a variety of essential oils (nicotine-free, drug-free). Essential oils come from plants, and have therapeutic affects. For example, lavender makes you feel calm.

MONQ pens are a new way to experience aromatherapy. Instead of smelling, you are inhaling. Well, more like “breathing” than “inhaling” — they are not meant to be sucked, but naturally breathed in through the mouth and exhaled through the nose.

“Happy” contains fennel, thyme, and vanilla. I absolutely love the sweet vanilla taste. It really does make me feel lighter a bit more cheerful. It is a perfect balance between calm and alert.

“Sleepy” contains chamomile, kava, and lavender. It won’t knock you out, but certainly gives you that cozy feeling. Perfect for winding down right before bedtime.

“Love” contains cacao, davana, and siam wood. Apparently these have aphrodisiac properties.

I find MONQ pens to be a great, simple and portable, way to use aromatherapy. I like the way it makes you feel more conscious of your breath. It is a soothing stress reliever.


4 thoughts on “Try-it Tuesday ~ MONQ Essential Oil Pens

  1. Laura,

    They are finding out that inhaling oil can be very bad for the lungs. These are not FDA approved and have not been tested for safety. Be careful!

    Love Dad

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    1. Hi dad,

      Out of over nine million people who vape, there have been six deaths. These are all connected to pens that use dangerous fillers such as vitamin E acetate, artificial flavoring, and thickeners. These came from illegal sources that were bought off the street. One death related to a THC pen from Oregon did come from a legal dispensary — however, the media refused to release information about what specific pen this was and what the ingredients were. There have been no injuries related to MONQ; although they are not regulated by FDA, they are still legally required to list all ingredients on package. I believe the media is using scare tactics by hiding the full information related to vape pens, trying to make them illegal for no good reason. Making all vape pens illegal is going to cause more death and injuries, as it will be much easier to lie about ingredients.

      Having said that, I agree that it is extremely important to be careful of what you put in your body and I am always checking ingredients and being aware of the news. Thank you for your concern. I hope vape pens continue to be researched thoroughly so we can understand the long-term effects. I use MONQ pens very sparingly.

      Love Laura

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      1. Hi Laura,

        I’m glad you researched the MONQ. There has been a lot in the news about Vaping and i worry about my daughter!

        Love Dad

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