Try-it Tuesday ~ Halloween Kandi Bracelets

A very simple Halloween craft is making kandi bracelets! Kandi bracelets are homemade bracelets made from beads and string. They are typically multicolored and may also have messages spelt out. They are mainly seen at music festivals, but you can wear them anywhere! Better yet, make it part of your costume. Kandi bracelets are also perfect for gifting/trading with friends or even total strangers.


  • Beads (recommended colors: orange, black, red, white, silver, gold, dark blue.)
  • Alphabet Beads
  • Wire string
  • Scissors

You can purchase everything at a craft store (such as Michael’s) or in bulk online (Amazon!)

Instructions: Measure string around your wrist and cut it, leaving at least a few extra inches. Add beads one by one until desired length is reached, and then cut. Use remainder of string to double knot. Finally, cut the remainder of the string.

Keeping the theme of Halloween in mind, come up with words or short phrases that give you chills. Use whatever color schemes you feel is best fit. Let the creative juices flow.

And here is my final product! Which one is your favorite?


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