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Goals & ideas for 2020

Goals & Ideas for 2020

The new year is the perfect time to set personal goals for yourself and come up with new ideas for the upcoming twelve months. By doing this:

  • You are living a more conscious life.
  • You are exercising control.
  • You are shaping and molding your ideal self.

Tips for goal-setting:

  1. Come up with about five or six general topics of interest and go from there. Start thinking broadly about what makes you feel happy, passionate, and/or challenged. And then, get more specific about how you can bring more of this into your life.
  2. Find a healthy balance between exciting and realistic. You want to add some pizzaz to your life, make your life feel like you’re living to the fullest. And yet you do not want to come up with ideas that are so far-fetched that you most likely will never come close to reaching, setting yourself up for disappointment. But still, you do not want a boring grocery list full of doctor appointments.
  3. Use personal goal-setting as a form of self-love and self-care. This is not about being hard on yourself, it’s about making the time and effort to create a better life for yourself. Being on autopilot mode makes you self-sabotage, miss opportunities, and waste potential. When we work hard to love and care for ourselves, amazing things can happen!

My personal goals for 2020:

Writing / Blog

Last year, I intended on writing at least once a week. Later, I upped my goal to once a day! I mainly kept up with this, posting almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day, with the exception of maybe two short breaks. This year my goal is to write every single day, although I may not post every day because I am focused on quality of quantity although I still want to remain very active on here. This year I plan to post at least three or four times a week. I am really focused on expanding my blog and seeing where it will take me.


I am focused on becoming more minimalistic. I would like to get rid of a quarter of my stuff by donating more clothing and throwing out all my junk. I would also like to buy less things and save money by accumulating at least X amount of dollars in my savings account by the last day of 2020.* (I have a specific number in my head.*)

Social life

Adulting makes it harder to keep up with longtime friends because everyone is always so busy. Alone time is necessary, but friendship is just as important. This year I would like to make a point to reach out to my friends and honor our connections. I would like to do more girls trips and traveling!

Open up

This goal is more about making changes within, rather than externally. I would like to open myself up more to new things. Sometimes I can get so closed off that I miss out on opportunities. College was a time when I really opened my mind and welcomed myself to change, but I feel like I kind of lost that state of mind, so I would like to get back to that.


Last year I learned a couple new hoop tricks and did a lot of hooping at Big Dub festival. I would like to continue on that by learning at least five new hoop tricks and practicing at least once a week (even if that means just for a couple minutes.)


I’m really interested in esoteric things. I have practiced reading tarot cards for quite a while now but I would like to practice more advanced card reading. Also, I just recently picked up a book about palmistry so I’d like to be able to read someone’s hand, I think that’d be pretty cool! And I’d like to learn about scrying.

For more inspiration, click here to see what my 2019 goals were!


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