Wish Wednesday ~ faith is the catalyst

All the things you wish for will never be handed to you on a silver plate, begging for you to come out of hiding and feast.

If you lock your door, it will remain closed. No one is going to open it for you — they can’t. You are the one with the key. You have to open the door yourself and step outside. Otherwise it’s a waste of time.

A lack of faith will block your blessings. The universe can shower you with gifts but if you do not believe in yourself then you’ll never receive.

Faith comes from a place of positivity. So if you find yourself losing faith then you need more good vibes in your life. Distance yourself from things or people who feed on negativity, switch your focus on everything that makes you feel good.

I know, it’s so much easier said than done. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in faithlessness that my vision becomes completely fixed on all things negative. Sometimes I just want to run into a corner and cry my eyes out until someone finds me and gives reassurance.

But no one is going to do that. If you tell someone to leave you alone then it’s going to hurt them and they will run away. The truth is that you just want them to try harder, to reassure you that they will never leave you alone. And that is self-sabatoge.

You must be receptive to your desires. If not, you will never receive. Your wishes are just like a person. If you tell your wishes to go away, then they will go away — simple. Energy is a very straight forward thing.

So if you tell your wishes you are ready for them, then you become receptive to your desires. Very simple. It’s not as tricky as we make it out to be. As long as you have faith, it’s easy.

Having faith is the difficult part. As I said, it comes from a place of positivity.

When you need reassurance, do not seek it from others — seek it from within, by focusing on the good vibes.

Very simple tricks to get those good vibes:

  • Your favorite music
  • your favorite colors
  • animals
  • plants
  • jokes and humor
  • hobbies
  • good books/movies/TV

For all the negativity that seems to naturally come with this experience called LIFE, you must counteract it with at least TWICE the amount of positivity.

And so,

  • If you come from a place of fear and insecurity, you push your wishes away.
    • fear repels wishes
  • If you come from a place of faith and confidence, you attract your wishes.
    • faith attracts wishes