The age-old question…

Are we in control?

Does free will exist?

Is there even such thing as freedom?

Or are we slaves to the stars, destined to fate…?

Is destiny something we create, or something that is created specifically for each of us?

Are choices just illusions?

Is anything set in stone?

I think… we are more out of control than we realize… but we choose our perception, and that’s what makes the difference.

A healthy perception leads to healthy choices, a negative perception leads to negative circumstances, etc…

You can speed up the process of internal growth, or you can slow it down… but you can’t go backwards or make it stop.

You can resist, fight, and struggle, or you can let it happen. But either way, it’s happening.

You can control the speed, even the direction — but not the path.

I’d like to think our destinies have been curated for us like designer dresses, tailored to your shape.

That’s how it feels right now.

So I choose to embrace it. Speed up the process. Give me a stronger focus. Amplify it. Bring it on.

I’m ready to break barriers, because that’s who I am…

I’m kissing mundane perception goodbye and ready for adventure.

Whatever happens, happens. Just let it happen with full force.

I trust that we are all going to be okay no matter what.

So be it.

I welcome my destiny.